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Raison d'etre by MalfaAstrikos Raison d'etre :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 26 1 Per Aspera Ad Astra by MalfaAstrikos Per Aspera Ad Astra :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 23 10 Crossover with Metro 2033 by MalfaAstrikos Crossover with Metro 2033 :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 14 0 Something strange by MalfaAstrikos Something strange :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 10 3 Drawing under the inspiration by MalfaAstrikos Drawing under the inspiration :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 17 0 Kami and Inochi by MalfaAstrikos Kami and Inochi :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 20 4 Fake Screenshot? by MalfaAstrikos Fake Screenshot? :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 43 9 Deidara's Birthday by MalfaAstrikos Deidara's Birthday :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 24 2 Need more blood by MalfaAstrikos Need more blood :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 32 13 My old rpc by MalfaAstrikos My old rpc :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 15 2 My old rpc in Naruto style by MalfaAstrikos My old rpc in Naruto style :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 4 0 Black hole by MalfaAstrikos Black hole :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 9 0 Milky Way by MalfaAstrikos Milky Way :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 12 0 Irohan by MalfaAstrikos Irohan :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 6 0 Irohan sketch by MalfaAstrikos Irohan sketch :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 1 0 Alpaca by MalfaAstrikos Alpaca :iconmalfaastrikos:MalfaAstrikos 11 2


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Raison d'etre
Here is a recent drawing. It was drawn a week ago

Some information about Zikura which hasn't been on Deviantart:
My Zikura is a kind of philosopher. From childhood she had been surprised by the world around, she was interested in everything around her and gradually it led her to philosophy. She often thinks how it all began, what is the meaning of life, at least her.  Something like metaphysics. She often led a conversation with Deidara about this, they philosophized together. She found in him some key to certain of her thoughts. She also expressed her thoughts in creations, mostly in sculptures but I'll talk about this and about the statue of Deidara later

A little bit about the drawing:
Be careful, there is a symbolism (at least attempt)
The sculpture of Deidara behind Zikura is a sign that he inspired and supported her in her work. Space, and more precisely this strange circle (which was supposed to be a pulsar) is the expression of a philosophy. The blue color in some countries is a sign of hope, and in others is a kind of despair, which is also suitable for Zikura. There is a lotus in her hand, it's a symbol of her clan Kinaru. Strange things in the background are statues and a small reference to the anime "Ergo Proxy"
Also the name of the drawing is taken from "Ergo Proxy", there it was spoken about it. As I'm not sure of the correctness of writing
Per Aspera Ad Astra
This is the most sudden drawing that I drew on one breath
P. S. Butterflies is a symbol.
Maybe I'll draw some drawings where it's more understandable what symbol means

Deidara (c) Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto Shippuden)
Zikura Kinaru (c) me
Crossover with Metro 2033
It was painted 4 months ago, but because of problems with the translation (or rather cause of the laziness translating the text into English language) I posted it just now
The idea of this crossover came suddenly when I was watching the passage of the game. Later I bought the book and delving into the essence.
This is the first book which was weeped me. With the help of Metro 2033 I realized something important for my story with rpc. Later I'll tell when I'll draw something on this topic.

And now about the crossover:
Deidara is Khan, Hidan is Bourbon, Sasori is Melnik
It is difficult for me to explain why Deidara is in the role of Khan because it is personally my associations. Hidan is Bourbon mainly because of the game and phrases that were there. Sasori is Melnik.. honestly I purely by chance decided while reading information about Khan
Something strange
I did not have posted something for a long time on Deviantart because of problem with translation
+ I'm so "genius" that instead of normally learning English I started to learn Latin language
So it turned out that I was attracted to something by this language but I can then write something on it

About the drawing:
I saw it in a dream (I don't know how else to call it ) when I layed and listened to music
Drawing under the inspiration
I drew it three months ago but decided to post it only now because there was no time to do this earlier 

I have revised clips of my favorite bands on YouTube and accidentally stumbled upon the band which name is Metalwings 
Zik's voice could be like Stella's (vocalist, violin and keyboards), I think

Than I read the lyrics of the song of the clip that I stumbled and suddenly discovered that some moments from the song suit perfectly fit the story which slowly emerging 

The reference is taken from the clip 
There are many atmospheric moments for me in it, what's why maybe later I will draw more pictures according to the references from the clip 

The clip:


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